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Feature: Tyler Hoechlin, Man of Steal-ing Your Heart

written by Mouza on October 31, 2016


“This was one of the rare times where there was no audition,” Hoechlin (pronounced Heck-lin) said of his role on Supergirl as Kara’s more famous cousin. “I had a meeting with the producers and the creator, and I was told it was about Superigirl, but nothing really in detail and then when I got there they mentioned that they were introducing Superman to the show and asked whether I had any interest in talking about that. We just had a great conversation about the character — what we found interesting about him, different themes we’d want to explore with the character if we were to do it, and I think we were just all on the same page. That was a Monday and Friday, we got the call that we were getting the offer and that was it.” [Source]

Video: Tyler Hoechlin on Rachael Ray

written by Mouza on October 18, 2016

Video: Last Call with Carson Daly

written by Mouza on October 13, 2016

Feature: Tyler Hoechlin For The Wrap!

written by Mouza on October 11, 2016

 Becoming Superman is not quite as easy as it looks on TV, according to new “Supergirl” cast member Tyler Hoechlin.

“The character’s always made it look very quick and seamless. It’s a bit of a group effort the first time,” Hoechlin said. “It’s very much like putting on a wet suit. … We got it down to a science.”

The “Teen Wolf” alum joins the CW superhero drama in its second season, showing up in National City go help out his cousin Kara (Melissa Benoist) for the first time on screen. [Source]

Coverage: ‘Supergirl’ New York Press Day

written by Mouza on October 08, 2016

I’ve updated the gallery with photos of Tyler during his press day in New York yesterday, check out the photos and under the cut you’ll find some clips of his AOL interview.


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Video: Tyler Hoechlin Visits Original Daily Planet

written by Mouza on October 06, 2016

Photos: Tyler Hoechlin for Flaunt Magazine

written by Mouza on May 20, 2016


The earliest documented mustache dates back to 300 BC in a portrait of a Scythian man riding his trusted steed. A symbol of strength and courage, the reverence towards this hairy upper lip has since been styled and profiled ‘till roughly the end of ’80s decadence and Freddy Mercury. But these aforementioned sentiments have since deteriorated. People now view the mustache in a poor light. The kind of light that hangs in a dingy bar full of skunked IPAs. But have no fear for there is hope in the chevron form of Tyler Hoechlin’s character McReynolds or “Mac,” the all-American slugger in Richard Linklater’s newest film Everybody Wants Some!!

Was there anything you did to prepare yourself for the role, besides growing the amazing cookie duster?

It was really funny, I came home from shooting and my dad hadn’t seen me since I had [the mustache] and I opened the door on Thanksgiving and he looked at me and was like “nope, nope, nope.” He said it felt like he was looking in a mirror. But mentally, [I] was going back and recalling those [baseball-playing] days and trying to remember what the vibe was like with the guys and what the mindset was and allowing that to be molded by Rick [Linklater’s] recollection. [More at Source]

Video: Tyler Hoechlin Talks Fifty Shades of Grey Sequel

written by Mouza on May 15, 2016

Audio: Speakeasy Podcast with Tyler Hoechlin & Wyatt Russell

written by Mouza on April 16, 2016



Video: Throwback Weekend Brunch

written by Mouza on April 14, 2016

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