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2009 – My Boys

Created by: Betsy Thomas
Original Network: TBS
Number of Episodes: 1 (that Tyler has starred in)
Production year: 2009
Original release: November 28, 2006 – September 12, 2010
Running time: 22 minutes
Other cast: Jordana Spiro, Kyle Howard, Reid Scott
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Tomboyish Chicago newspaper sports reporter P.J. Franklin is quite a catch in most respects. She’s smart, funny, friendly and very attractive. Unfortunately, P.J.’s one-of-the-guys personality isn’t a big asset when it comes to landing a boyfriend, so she spends most of her time playing poker or just hanging out with her married brother, Andy, and their friends: Kenny, who owns a sports memorabilia shop; Brendan, a hard-rock DJ who often crashes at P.J.’s apartment; Bobby, a sportswriter at another newspaper; and Stephanie, an old college chum who tries to give P.J. some essential dating advice.