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1999 – Family Tree

Directed by: Duane Clark
Written by: Paul Canterna
Produced by: Quinn Coleman
Production year: 1998
Original release: May 13, 1999
Running time: 1 hour, 31 minutes
Other cast: Robert Forster, Naomi Judd, Andrew Lawrence
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A young and introspective boy, Mitch Musser (Andrew Lawrence) is socially awkward, living in the shadow of his teen football-star brother, Mark (Matthew Lawrence). Mitch is most at home up in the boughs of a huge tree, but, if his father, Henry (Robert Forster), succeeds in bringing a new factory to town, the massive oak may be cut down. Mitch is determined to save the tree, and the situation pits him against his dad, creating a significant problem for both the family and the community.