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Site Update: Tyler Hoechlin A Year in Review

written by Mouza on December 30, 2016

With 2016 finally coming to an end and inspired by my fried Lu at jessica-chastain.com I decided it would be fun to put together a summary of Tyler’s professional activities in 2016, and what a year it’s been!!

The year kicked off with full on press mood for Everybody Wants Some!! with the boys being divided in groups to cover as much states as possible. Tyler was paired with the group that went to Texas, Austin, Los Angeles, Atlanta, New York then went overseas to Glasgow and Sydney.

With July came the announcement of Tyler taking the role of Superman in CW’s Supergirl. Tyler joined his Supergirl co-stars during their comic con appearance.

August & a bit of September gave us Tyler in Vancouver filming Supergirl and then a mini promotional tour in New York for it.

2016 witnessed the release of 2 of Tyler’s movies, Everybody Wants Some!! and Undrafted that has a limited release in the US then went straight to video. In regard to his upcoming projects, in March we got the announcement of Tyler joining the cast of 50 Shades Darker which will be released in 2017.

In August we got the first trailer of Stratton where we got glimpses of Tyler’s character in action. In September we got the news about Tyler being casted The Domestics a post-apocalyptic movie which we now know, Tyler have been filming the last couple of month of 2016.

With multiple projects, 2016 is the year we got multiple written features on Tyler, my favorite being some of the ones we got during Everybody Wants Some!! promotion.

With written features came photo sessions and what a blessing this year have been in regards to that.

So, that’s it! This is our last update of the year and, with it, I want to wish Tyler & our visitors a very happy New Year! May 2017 bring you all happiness & joy.

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