September 11 2016

Today is Tyler’s 29th birthday! Tyler Hoechlin Central would like to wish him a happy birthday spent with family & friends, hoping for bigger and more successful years to come!

With a huge help from Siny & Kaci, I’ve updated the site and gallery with a brand new layout and header.

Kate Bosworth is in final negotiations to star in Mike P. Nelson’s The Domestics with Tyler Hoechlin (Supergirl) negotiating to join her in the post-apocalyptic thriller. The film was written and will be directed by Nelson who previously worked on Diners Drive-Ins and Dives and directed several episodes of Studio Luma. Hollywood Gang is producing the picture.

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The story takes place in a futuristic wasteland when a young couple travels through a harrowing, gang-ravaged countryside in an attempt to make it home. Gianni Nunnari and Shannon Gaulding are producing, and Adam Krentzman and Kurt Johnstad will be exec producers. [Source]

I’ve updated the gallery with 45 photos of Tyler’s first day on the set of Supergirl in Vancouver. Supergirl season 2 premieres in October on the CW.


I’ve updated the gallery with photos of Tyler attending the ‘Undrafted’ movie premiere in Los Angeles. The movie is gonna be released on Digital HD & iTunes in a couple of days.


I’ve updated the gallery with photos of Tyler attending the 2016 MLB All-Star & Legends a few days ago.


Under the cut as the video autoplay.

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I’ve updated the gallery with photos of Tyler during his panel in Perth Supernova Expo in Australia yesterday.