As per a few websites listings of the upcoming guest of Carson’s Late Night show, Tyler will be appearing on Next week.

Wednesday, October 12: Guests include Tyler Hoechlin with musical guest Mothers and guest Kyle Kinane.

I’ve updated the gallery with photos of Tyler during his press day in New York yesterday, check out the photos and under the cut you’ll find some clips of his AOL interview.


2016 > 7 October – Tyler Hoechlin Visit SiriusXM
> 7 October – AOL Build Series Presents Tyler Hoechlin Discussing ‘Supergirl’




I’ve updated the photos of Tyler attending the L’Oreal Paris Gold OBsession Party in Paris.


I’ve updated the gallery with the newly released stills of Tyler as Superman in the first couple of episodes of Supergirl season 2.


Supergirl (2016-20??) > Episode Stills > 2.01 The Adventures Of Supergirl 
Supergirl (2016-20??) > Episode Stills > 2.02 The Last Children of Krypton

September 11 2016

Today is Tyler’s 29th birthday! Tyler Hoechlin Central would like to wish him a happy birthday spent with family & friends, hoping for bigger and more successful years to come!

With a huge help from Siny & Kaci, I’ve updated the site and gallery with a brand new layout and header.