As you guys remember, in 2013 with his fellow TW co-stars, Tyler posed for a “Reflect it Back” charity calendar, “A Project for Social Good”. With a huge thanks to my friend Siny who helped me scan her calendar as I never got mine even though I bought one, I’ve updated the gallery with Tyler’s photos from that shoot.


A couple of years ago, Tyler was part of a baseball movie called Undrafted which was released a a few weeks ago on iTunes. I’ve updated the gallery with the movie.


2014 – Undrafted > Posters
2014 – Undrafted > Production Stills
2014 – Undrafted > Movie Screencaptures


“This was one of the rare times where there was no audition,” Hoechlin (pronounced Heck-lin) said of his role on Supergirl as Kara’s more famous cousin. “I had a meeting with the producers and the creator, and I was told it was about Superigirl, but nothing really in detail and then when I got there they mentioned that they were introducing Superman to the show and asked whether I had any interest in talking about that. We just had a great conversation about the character — what we found interesting about him, different themes we’d want to explore with the character if we were to do it, and I think we were just all on the same page. That was a Monday and Friday, we got the call that we were getting the offer and that was it.” [Source]

I’ve updated the gallery with photos of Tyler during his press day in New York yesterday, check out the photos and under the cut you’ll find some clips of his AOL interview.


2016 > 7 October – Tyler Hoechlin Visit SiriusXM
> 7 October – AOL Build Series Presents Tyler Hoechlin Discussing ‘Supergirl’




I’ve updated the photos of Tyler attending the L’Oreal Paris Gold OBsession Party in Paris.


I’ve updated the gallery with the newly released stills of Tyler as Superman in the first couple of episodes of Supergirl season 2.


Supergirl (2016-20??) > Episode Stills > 2.01 The Adventures Of Supergirl 
Supergirl (2016-20??) > Episode Stills > 2.02 The Last Children of Krypton

I’ve updated the gallery with 45 photos of Tyler’s first day on the set of Supergirl in Vancouver. Supergirl season 2 premieres in October on the CW.


I’ve updated the gallery with photos of Tyler attending the ‘Undrafted’ movie premiere in Los Angeles. The movie is gonna be released on Digital HD & iTunes in a couple of days.